“I just wanted to say how wonderful my stay at Mermaid was. After a difficult birth and a night on the postnatal ward, it really was the perfect place to spend some time recovering.  I have already recommended it to friends who are due to have babies soon!”

    “Mermaid is my favourite place – it has been a wonderful haven during my first experience as a mother.”

    “My husband and I found the stay invaluable as it allowed me to recover physically and emotionally and gave us some much needed confidence in looking after our daughter once we arrived home.”

    “The atmosphere here is very serene and quiet – the perfect escape from home and other children so I could bond one-on-one with the new baby.”

    “It’s hard to put a price on those first few days with a new baby.  Mermaid ticks all the boxes – lovely room, surroundings, quiet time – a chance to sleep with help on hand, delicious food, night nurses, day care – worth every penny.”

    “Excellent welcome and overall an amazing experience which has helped us very much after a difficult birth.”

    “Absolutely invaluable – we felt so nervous after leaving hospital but after 2/3 days we felt so confident.  The Mother & Baby Team were especially supportive and so knowledgeable.”

    “A big THANK YOU to the Baby Zone Team!”

    “Very friendly staff made me feel secure regarding baby care – and a very good chef!”

     ”Mermaid is ideal for good rest / transition from the hospital to the home.”

  • 21/05/2014
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